Online Shopping and Financial transaction Survey


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1. Have you ever Heard of any online shopping website? *
2. Which shopping website Have you Heard of? *
3. Which is your preferred Genre in the if shopping Online? If Used or using any in Future? *
4. Which thing you like the most about shopping in websites? if Shopping Online or using any in Future? *
5. Which is your preferred mode of payment in online Shopping? If paying or using any in Future? *
6. Which thing you do not like about the shopping websites? if Any or using any in Future? *
7. How much do you trust the use of online payments? if you use or using any in Future?? *
9. Do you believe the new technology of payment known UPI Unified payment interface is unsafe for users? *
11. From where did you get the information regarding shopping websites? *
12. Which the most preferred method opted by you for financial transactions? if using any or using any in Future? *
13.How safe did you feel while sharing your card details? if using or using any in Future? *
14. How often do privacy concerns prevent you from buying products online? *
15. How much do you spend on online shopping every month? or are you willing to spend online? *
16. How helpful do you find ratings while making a purchase decision? *
18. How helpful do you find Online Shopping After Listening to our Discussion? *